Humans are complex and cannot be reduced to twelve separate categories. For best results, read this column holistically, as if every sign pertained to some aspect of yourself (as it does). Note: this chart is local and the horoscope is specific to the West Coast.

As the sap rises in the spring, so do our spirits, and the chart this month reflects the old standbys of spring: love, gardening and uplifting joy. How can we be sad, when the birds sing so sweetly and the garden is lush with leafy greens and fresh flowers? Our troubles have been stashed in the backroom for now, our hands itch to be plunged into the soft black earth and our hearts swell with love, beauty, truth and harmony. Our minds are sharp and swift after a long season of doldrums, and spirits rise to greet the Great Spirit that sustains and uplifts us, we experience deep awakenings.

We smile in the faces of strangers, we fall in love randomly and easily, in the course of a conversation, and then we move on to fall in love again. It is the season of blessing and renewal, of bliss and grace. It will pass, but while it is here, we will seize the day.

May Forecast

Aries: You are reborn! You hit the ground running, as if shot from a slingshot, but you are not frivolous; you are taking care of necessary business in a steady and reliable way. Yes, you!
Taurus: You are so grounded you feel half buried in earth. You of all signs know this is merely a respite, but you are happy with the season, the scents, tasks and pleasures of spring.
Gemini: Where has your mind been? You are so smart! Your thoughts flash and shimmer, and you dance in conversation with your many beloveds. Why choose? Love them all!
Cancer: You are shocked by creative awakenings, but you easily sink back into the sleep of the blessed. You needn’t know or do anything, let yourself go & grow, enjoy sweet love dreams.
Leo: You are doing your tasks easily and well, as your heart soars and your creativity sparks into fresh inspiration. The earth itself seems to notice and admire you, and God is everywhere.
Virgo: You are warm and cozy in the world as you work toward the long term fulfillment of your karmic obligations. You are inspired and energized and have seldom felt so comfortable.
Libra: The dance is all there is! Never has this been more obvious. It is all you want to do, the ebb and flow of movement in words, hearts and smiles; decision making is still the pits, though.
Scorpio: You feel vulnerable and hidden, watching from the wings, all too aware of the serpent in the garden, yet there is nothing to be done. Things will play out as they will, anyway.
Sagittarius: You see the meaning of life and want to shout it to the skies, and for a wonder, the skies are listening! The world bows before you, not in humility but in recognition.
Capricorn: You observe from an advantageous vantage point as the world around you grows twitterpated; you join (cautiously) in the joy, but are all too aware of the daily chores that need doing.
Aquarius: You remember, and create from that awakened inspiration. You move in the direction of evolution, and speak the truth randomly and colourfully. You share your thoughts with others.
Pisces: You are grounded in memory and dream, viewing reality through a misty veil. So close and yet so far! Yet you touch, heal and love, as real as you have ever been. Lay in the garden.

Astrologer Bee Wolf-Ray lives on Hornby Island and reminds you that horoscopes columns are for fun. She is available for real readings via Skype or in person.