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Ginger Goodwin’s Legends and Reality

A few years ago at a Pacific Northwest Labour History Association Conference in New Westminster I listened to a fascinating debate between Mark Lieir, a SFU professor, and Roger Stonebanks, a historian and author of ‘...

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Labour, Elections, and the NDP

  As you may be aware, there is a provincial election happening and on May 9th the citizens of British Columbia will vote on the party that they want to form government for the next four years. As part of this democratic...

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How Can I Keep from Singing

“A song can educate , inform , support, give courage, inspire or pacify. Music gets used in all these different ways. A marching band can send young people off to war. That same marching band at the Gay Pride Parade in San...

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Servants of Humanity?

“New economic patterning through automation and relocation of plants is dissolving the nation’s basic industries. We are neither technologically advanced nor socially enlightened as a nation if we witness this...

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In The End They Came For Us All

One of the few silver linings people see in the election of Donald Trump is that the American progressive forces will coalesce in a united front in order to stop, or at least slow down, the implementation of his regime’s...

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Utopian Thinking

“Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp Or what’s a heaven for?”  Robert Browning For many, we live in a time of despair. We are cooking the planet and ourselves. Most of us get it and yet the greenhouse gasses keep being...

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Upcoming Events

7:00 pm Triple Heat Dance Presents ‘Ignite’ @ Sid Williams Theatre
Triple Heat Dance Presents ‘Ignite’ @ Sid Williams Theatre
May 25 @ 7:00 pm – May 27 @ 9:30 pm
Triple Heat Dance – Academy of Performing Arts is thrilled to present their 5th annual showcase performances featuring two exciting and diverse shows. Dancers, ages 3-18, will perform in a variety of dance styles including[...]
9:00 am Comox Valley Farmers’ Market
Comox Valley Farmers’ Market
May 27 @ 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Each Saturday features a delicious recipe from the North Island Chefs Association – and of course all of the wonderful local producers of vegetables, meats, baking, preserves, fish and more! See you at the Native[...]
4:00 pm 6th Annual Elevate Arts Festival @ Downtown Courtenay
6th Annual Elevate Arts Festival @ Downtown Courtenay
May 31 @ 4:00 pm – Jun 3 @ 11:59 pm
A FREE festival of art, culture and ideas that takes to the streets May 31-June 3 2017 in the <3 of the Comox Valley! Celebrating 6 years of breaking down barriers between culture producers and[...]



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