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Choose your jam—save our planet

You’re going to think I am pulling your leg, but I am telling you very seriously: you and I can turn aside this destructive consume, commoditize everything mindset that is destroying our Earth and corrupting the very meaning of human civilization, by vociferously choosing the quality of jam we spread on our toast! Go ahead laugh—laughter is good for mind, body and soul AND give me just a minute of your time to make a point that maybe you haven’t thought of. Before you contemptuously click over to more serious news/commentary about climate change and oceanic cesspools of plastic and agriculture that poisons farm hands, our food and our water, let me tell you a story about a dining experience that has shifted my own thinking about the kind of world we can create by making small, immensely significant, different choices about things as seemingly insignificant as different food choices. One sunny morning last week a friend asked me to join her for breakfast at Mars on Main in Cumberland. I am always delighted to find another excuse to visit the small town/village of Cumberland with its pervading/infectious “we’re just people”– “Everybody knows your name” environment so I readily accepted. A chance to renew a connection that I sometimes—most regrettably—allow to grow rusty while attending to a lot of ”things” that aren’t nearly as important as a warm-hearted friendship...

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“Conversation” on Sustainability Thursday, November 26

Thursday, November 26, 7pm at Creekside Commons Common House in Courtenay I am facilitating a Comox Valley NDP sponsored discussion on sustainability. The emphasis is on conversation. I have a short presentation but it is only by way of lubricating the discussion. The presentation focuses on Sustainability as simply the way it should be. We should be working to build a world that is just, sustaining and sustainable. In the pit of our being we all know that this whole idea of infinite growth of everything–this rabid dash to consume the very Earth that supports our own as well as all other life—is just plain insane. It is almost incomprehensible that we talk of caring for our Earth and ourselves as some new and difficult grasp idea. Thursday we will set aside the infinite growth on a finite planet absurdity and talk together about how we as a community, a province, country can regain our focus on sustaining ourselves and our Earth and how we can make it clear that we will have nothing less. Norm...

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Vote! November 28 Comox Valley votes on referendum to address homelessness

Despite overwhelming support (71% in the nonbinding 2014 CVRD referendum) for a small property tax to “establish a service…to address homelessness,” valley residents are being asked to go to the polls again Saturday, November 28. This ballot will, officially, approve (or disapprove) a property tax ($6 on a $300,000 home) to provide $165,000 annually to address Comox Valley homelessness. One would think that with 71% support in the 2014 election, a referendum for $6 a year would be a done deal, but it may not be so easy. If you want to see this referendum pass, you need to get out and vote. On November 28, 2015, any eligible—not Comox– voter can vote between 8 am and 8 pm at any of these voting places: • Union Bay community hall, 5401 Island Highway South, Union Bay • Royston elementary school, 3830 Warren Ave, Royston • North Island Distance Education School (NIDES – formerly Tsolum elementary school), 2505 Smith Rd, Courtenay • Cultural centre Moncrief hall, 2674 Dunsmuir Ave, Cumberland • Courtenay elementary school, 1540 McPhee Ave, Courtenay • Queneesh elementary school, 2345 Mission Rd, Courtenay • Living Waters church, 2222 Regent Road Advance poll November 25, 8 am and 8 pm, CVRD boardroom at 550B Comox Road, Courtenay. Despite the support in the 2014 referendum, Saturday’s ballot is not a foregone conclusion. For one thing, this referendum is not...

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Welcome to The Activist: an Island Word Blog moderated by Norm Reynolds

The Activist: a new Island Word Blog dedicated to bringing people together to talk with each other about our common desire for a sustaining and sustainable community/province/country/world. You can submit articles to nreynold (at) to post. There is a comment area below all blog articles. We encourage our visitors and contributors to use this feature to stimulate further conversation. All content is the view of the contributor and does not, necessarily reflect the opinion of The Island Word. Happy Trails! Norm Recent Posts:

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War Without End? Allegory Reveals the Inner Working of Things

I want to share an—all but privacy details true—simple story about a woman, a dog and a duck. To my way of perceiving things, this insightful allegory reveals the deepest strategies behind the current war without end in the Middle East. I have shared this story once before, but I relate it once again because today it is even more revealing of the inner working of things than it was in 2005. Perhaps only through allegory can our western minds begin to comprehend the seeming absurdity of a stateless band of Muslim fighters with no satellites, no war planes, no hi tech drones, no battle ships resisting the gigantic, high tech, industrialized weaponry of the Western powers. A Woman, a Dog and a Duck A long time ago when April was very young, her mother died. After that she went to live with her Grandmother on a large ranch with green meadows, rolling hills and spreading oak trees in the foothills rising up from the Pacific Ocean shores of sunny southern California. April was sad about losing her mother but her Grandmother was a very kind woman who loved children and April’s heart was comforted by the beautiful landscape and all the farm animals she got to know. While April only lived on the ranch for a few years she never forgot it. One day many, many years later...

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6:00 pm Lund Seafood Festival @ Lund - Lund BC - 1432 Highway 101 - Lund, BC V0N 2G0
Lund Seafood Festival @ Lund - Lund BC - 1432 Highway 101 - Lund, BC V0N 2G0
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Comox Valley Farmers’ Market
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Central Island Studio Tour 2018 @ Parksville to Campbell River
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