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A Mushy View of Life

Warning: if you don’t like mushy stuff the following post would very likely upset your sensibilities. If you put the argument to me that it has little relevance –or place– in a blog featuring hard hitting political analysis; I’d agree warmly. But I did start The Activist noting that I think activism without the personal context is largely rootless, easily blown about in the changing winds and—most importantly—lacking in understanding of the actual social goo that brings us/binds us into a community. Have you ever noticed that there often seems to be a most inexplicable paradox such that those...

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The Activist Thursday Reader Thursday, December 17, 2015

I have this reoccurring dream that we can learn to understand our world and ourselves and how we can build a better world by sharing our reading lists while adding our own perspectives. To that end I will continue to make up this Thursday Reader and hope that it both informs and invites others to join in the conversation. My big new year’s wish is that others will join me in this online reading group for activists! Send submissions to ngreynoldsng at gmail dot com. The Activist Thursday Reader Thursday, December 17, 2015 ___________________________________________________________________________ More Than A Few Bad...

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Corporate Press Doesn’t Want “Our Canada Back”

November 10 I posted an article on The Activist They Don’t Speak For Us severely criticizing the efforts of Canada’s largest daily newspapers to promote Harper and his one sided, repressive government. I was rejoicing in the ability of Canadian citizens to see through all the bull put forward by the paper’s big money corporate owners. But it isn’t just the big circulation dailies, it’s the whole big money corporate ownership of our press—regardless of how often it publishes and how many copies it puts out. Consider the outright brainwashing/slight-of-hand editorial Nanny not a government expense the Black Press,...

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Xmas blog

I was downtown Courtenay today. The whole Xmas season thing is in full swing—sweet music about love and peace that is really there just to lower your resistance to the pressures to buy, buy, buy—buy until you have exhausted yourself, your bank account, your credit cards, our Earth’s capacity to cope with this plague we call consumerism. All the glitzy Christmas lights, tinsel, Santa Claus–all the commercial-laden spiritual music; I just about puked. The only thing that saved my guts from turning inside out is these mockingly satirical lines that I picked up off the internet last year this...

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The Activist Thursday Reader

 The Activist Thursday Reader is a place to talk with other social and environmental activists about the reading materials that inform and excite you/ them about the possibilities for a better-more just, sustaining and sustainable world/community. Send submissions to ngreynoldsng at gmail dot com. The Activist Thursday Reader Thursday, December 9, 2015: The Tragedy of the Commons, the Pope, and the System If you read one article a year, MAKE IT THIS ONE! This under pins and develops the ideas Naomi Klein raises in the documentary This Changes Everything. This article-based on Pope Francis’s recent Encyclical Laudati Si, “On Care for our Common Home,” goes to the heart of democracy where the well being of all people was supposed to be the goal of a country/economy instead of our “free trade” economies that see people as simply the means(fodder) of trade for no goal other than more trade at an ever increasing rate. “The message of ‘On Care for our Common Home’ is simple: the earth is our commons, it is limited, and we are not managing our commons in a way that is consistent with its sustainability and justice. Indeed, the Encyclical is unequivocal in describing the despoiling of our common home: the pollution, toxic waste, global warming, rising ocean levels, acidification of oceans, deforestation, natural resource depletion, drought, and food and water shortages, et cetera. How is...

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9:00 am Comox Valley Farmers’ Market
Comox Valley Farmers’ Market
Mar 24 @ 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Each Saturday features a delicious recipe from the North Island Chefs Association – and of course all of the wonderful local producers of vegetables, meats, baking, preserves, fish and more! See you at the Native[...]
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Cobble Hill Spring Modern Handma...
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Springtoberfest 2018! Gladstone ... @ Gladstone Brewing Co.
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