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Dan Vie

Harperman: Singer/scientist muzzled for protest song

Tony Turner, a scientist in habitat planning at Environment Canada, was recently sent home on leave with pay while the government investigates the making of Harperman, a music video posted on YouTube in early June that has attracted about 48,000 hits: Background story:

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Choose your jam—save our planet

You’re going to think I am pulling your leg, but I am telling you very seriously: you and I can turn aside this destructive consume, commoditize everything mindset that is destroying our Earth and corrupting the very meaning of human civilization, by vociferously choosing the quality of jam we spread on our toast! Go ahead […]

“Conversation” on Sustainability Thursday, November 26

Thursday, November 26, 7pm at Creekside Commons Common House in Courtenay I am facilitating a Comox Valley NDP sponsored discussion on sustainability. The emphasis is on conversation. I have a short presentation but it is only by way of lubricating the discussion. The presentation focuses on Sustainability as simply the way it should be. We […]

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Your Word

Herbicide Treatments on Local Beaches

The herbicide treatments (of beach areas) are proposed to occur during the period of June 1, 2016 to May 31, 2019. Pending further discussions with stakeholders and the outcome of current mechanical efforts, herbicide treatments may expand over time to include sites located in Sturgeon Banks and on the central east coast of Vancouver Island, […]


Herbicide Treatments for Local Beaches…. WHAT ?…. imazapyr

{Traces of imazapyr were detected in the groundwater even 8years after application.] I found that statement on line after this stuff was used in Scotland alongside rail road tracks. The net is full of what it is, why its used and what it does. Christy Clark and the Ministry of the Environment thinks its good […]

The Greater Depression.

Up until a few weeks ago: Santa Clause, The Easter Bunny and a whole wealth of other rather common ideologies, weren’t worth a half sack of beer in the bush to a close friend of mine and someone I’m only now beginning to know. To her – the cold reality of sleeping on the damp […]

railway-train-tracks-portugal-street-art-artur-bordalo-7Dan Vie

Roundup/Glyphosate still being sprayed on the railways – WHY?

A couple weeks ago I was on the Rotary Trail, and happened to find a torn-up sign on the ground, stating that glyphosate spraying had just occurred – signed, “Southern Railway of Vancouver Island”. The Rotary Trail runs parallel to the train tracks, and is covered with blackberries and other wild edibles. What are the […]

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