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Anne Davis

Pension Promises Turning to Ash?

The first public pension was organized in Germany way back in 1889. It is said that Kaiser Wilhelm had the actuaries calculate the average life expectancy of German citizens, which turned out to be 65, and then he set that as the age when people could start collecting pensions. The expectation was, of course, that […]

workersAnne Davis

Labour Beat

Since it is the time of year when many publications helpfully supply us with lists of books to read as we laze in the hammock under the firs, Labour Beat decided to jump on the bookwagon and present our list of books, with a twist of course. No cotton candy or bodice rippers; no nostalgic […]

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Your Word


elections Barbara Price is Running for Re-Election

Barbara Price is running for re-election as a Comox Councillor. ‘It is a privilege to represent Comox citizens on Council,’ said Price who was elected as a Councillor for two terms and as a Regional Director for four. Her broad range of committees served on include the environment, health, food security, transportation, affordable housing and […]


local government Protect and respect the Comox Valley Regional Growth Strategy

jimgillis, #jimgillis, courtenay, comox, cumberland, CVRD, Area B Director, #courtenay, #comox, #cumberland, #CVRD, environmental politics, progressive politics, activism, Jim Gillis announced that he will be championing the Regional Growth Strategy (RGS), protecting the Area’s rural lifestyle and putting 100% support behind the environment. “Without the RGS we would have growth without a plan. We need […]

Village of Cumberland Cumberland Municipal Election, Nov.15

Please vote for Roger Albert on Saturday, Nov. 15. I will only make promises to you that I can keep. Councillors must work together to get things done. That means that we don’t always get our way as individuals but that overall, council decisions are always meant to benefit the Village. I have a lot […]

Woman Shouting with Bullhorn

Got something to say?

Join in on the discussion Submit your opinions, articles and letters to the editor to this site and they will be featured in the your word section of the website! A place for No holds-barred opinions and comments on issues big or small. Get it off your chest- better than therapy. Vancouver Island’s lively discussion blog. Also, […]

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